The Caloriefinder (TCF) is now a ”Supplier” member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA)

The Caloriefinder Ltd (TCF) is committed to helping the businesses we work with make the right decisions and reduce their impact on the planet. In its mission to support food service businesses to make sustainable changes for some, or improve on their sustainable goals, the Caloriefinder acquired a supplier membership from the SRA. This latest move reinforces our position to provide nutrients information of menu items in food businesses.

This means that we are committed to supporting food service businesses make sustainable change.

The SRA have recently launched a free self-assessment tool that helps food businesses get a better understanding of what sustainability looks like in 2020. Using the Food Made Good 50, you can better understand your own business and track your progress.

It will help you to:

    1. Promote your sustainability success to colleagues, investors, partners and customers;
    1. Plan your priorities;
    1. Plot your path to even greater positive impact.

On completion, you will receive a report outlining the key sustainability areas you’ve already ‘Done’, what’s on your ‘To Do’ list, and what you ‘Can’t’ do, i.e. what you consider impossible or irrelevant to your business at this stage.    The ‘To Dos’ are your first step towards making a positive contribution to a better food system, and a clear indicator to the industry of where you’re contributing most to collective positive change in the UK food system.

You can complete the Food Made Good 50 here, the SRA will follow up with a short report outlining your ‘to do’s’ so you can begin to make change.

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