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Our support to food businesses during the covid-19 crisis.

There is no doubt that the covid-19 crisis is having a huge financial impact on all actors in the food service business. Restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs and many others actors have had to close their doors and stop operating while we all had to isolate at home. Some businesses have now transformed their standard operating plans and adapt to new norms where we see many food businesses either closed or transformed in takeaway only and delivery services. With dine-in service to restart here in the UK in just a few days, combined with social distancing in place, we anticipate a lengthy recovery and wish for a speedy for all operators and our clients.

Therefore, after careful considerations and while listening to our partners and clients, we at the CalorieFinder Ltd wanted to play our part. In that respect, we have introduced a reduction rate of over 50% for all our recipes analyses, cutting prices to £5 per recipe analysis, until 05 of October 2020.

This is done in a bid to support food service businesses to reopen “right” during/post covid-19 crisis. We do this in the hope that more food businesses will start to put “nutrition” at the heart of their food production and delivery. To illustrate, if your re-opening menu contains only 5 items for example, we will provide the recipe analysis of those 5 menu items for a total of £25.

For the operators doubting about the advantages of nutrients labelling of foods, we did some research amongst our clients and a blog was produced few months ago on that. 

We see in the nutrients labelling an opportunity for food businesses to unlock another dimension of their potential and enable them to reach out to a wider clientele.

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