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Shall we start with searching the database? So, if you’re wondering what could be the nutritional values of any food, should it be a banana, mashed potatoes, or even a grilled sirloin of beef, just download ‘The CalorieFinder ‘ app or log into the platform on your desktop.

On the homepage, click on ‘search the database’ and type-in the name of the foods that interest you to obtain detailed nutritional information of those foods; from calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals such as folate, vitamin c, iron, zinc, etc… per 100g of the food.

You can get nutritional facts of thousands of commonly consumed foods from around the world.

Add a new ingredient

You will already find thousands of ingredients with their nutritional information on the platform. You are welcomed to use them or just add new ingredients to create your recipes or meals.

To add a new ingredient, just go to the home page of the app, click on “Add a New Ingredient” and follow the steps below:

    • enter the ingredient name
    • then upload pictures of the front of pack and back of pack labels of the ingredient
    • enter the calories values per 100g
    • enter the nutrients values per 100g or 100ml (Please note this step can also be completed using the intelligent camera scanner on the app, compatible with most phones and labels)
    • We will also ask you to provide the brand’s name if any and a reference proof of the information provided such as a link and the origin of the ingredient.

You’ll be able to preview the information entered before submitting.
These information are checked and validated by our team, before their use on the platform. All ingredients validated on the platform are made public for everyone use. Non-validated ingredients will be removed. We intend to regularly update the ingredients on the database and maintain the accuracy of the nutritional information of those ingredients.

We reserve the rights to not validate and remove any ingredient from the database without prior notice, especially ingredients with similar name or nutritional composition to the ones already on the platform.

Create a new recipe

Everyone is welcomed to have an account on the app (using the free personal account) and draft/ create recipes, alongside pictures of the meals and share these with their communities, gym buddies and friends.

To create a new recipe, log into the app and click on the button “Create Recipe” which can be found on several pages of the app and follow the steps below:

    • enter the recipe name
    • you may want to enter the serving size
    • you can also enter the volume if you wish
    • upload a picture of the associated recipe
    • enter the recipe notes and methods and validate

For nutritional information, just go to the next page and start searching the ingredient database, validate each selected ingredient by entering the volume, any note if needed and click the + button.

Combine your ingredients and the nutritional information shall adjust as you’re creating your recipe, depending of the serving size if any, then validate.

To modify a recipe you’ve created, just click on the recipe and modify the ingredients. This shouldn’t affect your subscription allowance.

Every created recipe is kept private, on your profile unless you decide to share the recipe, either with your community or publicly, on the entire The CalorieFinder platform.

Sharing of recipes

There are two different levels of shared recipes. When you create a recipe, you will be given the option to
  • share the recipe with your community (you can create your community in the account tab, by inviting friends, families, colleagues, gym partners, sport team mates, etc… using their email). This can be seen in the “Shared Recipes” tab.
  • share to the public, on The CalorieFinder platform and website; by clicking on “Share with The CalorieFinder”, you agree to make your recipe and data available to the public and everyone on our platform or by searching our website. This can also be seen in the “Shared Recipes” tab.
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