Welcome to The CalorieFinder, your dedicated platform to design and record your foods and drinks, your recipes, your daily meals and also to obtain detailed nutritional information of foods and drinks; plus the blog constantly updated with nutritional research, to facilitate our understanding of foods and how the foods we eat nourish the body, thus helping us create a better relationship with our foods as we age.


With The CalorieFinder, individuals can easily record their daily/weekly/monthly meal plan using the built-in calendar in the personal plan.

Canteens can easily draft, create and record daily, weekly and monthly menus, using the calendar. This can then be shared with the canteens communities and staff, all within the app.

Restaurants and other food businesses are invited to add their ingredients, draft and create recipes, and share with their teams, with and without the need to use the built-in calorie calculator. Even bar managers can easily design their cocktails and share the recipes with their teams.


The CalorieFinder Ltd was founded by Registered Associated Nutritionist (ANutr) Clyde Boris Ngounou. Clyde studied Nutrition (BSc) at Kingston University London (2012-2015) while working as a chef in a London top brasserie. Both experiences allowed Clyde to develop a strong network of chefs and nutritionists at the heart of The CalorieFinder services.


With the intention of helping food businesses in keeping the public informed, The CalorieFinder is here to support individuals and food businesses, plan, design, and obtain detailed nutritional information of recipes and menus. This service is already changing the way hospitality is being delivered in the UK and also support chefs and food bloggers to create healthier alternatives to their recipes. There is a reciprocity as our service is made to support food businesses on one side and so helping the general public making informed dining choices.


Clyde is an advocate for healthier food options and better nutrition out of home, especially in the workplace.


We hope you like our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Please get in touch with any feedback, questions, or comment you may have.


With gratitude,


Clyde Boris Ngounou ANutr, Nutritionist and Founder.

The Team

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