Your Food's Nutritional Analysis Made Easy; Obtain Calories, Fat, Carbohydrate & Protein Values of Your Recipes & Meals (For Personal & Business Use).

With The CalorieFinder App, You Can Easily Develop Your Recipes with The Preparation Method and Obtain Detailed Nutritional Information of Your Recipes & Meals.

Customise Your Food’s Dairy on-the-go Using The Built-in Calendar.

Plan, design & record your breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, post gym meals, pre/post yoga drinks, and much more, with or without the built-in calorie calculator for nutritional data.

We Are Indeed What We Eat

Your Fast & Easy Recipe Analysis App

* Develop recipes, upload pictures & share with others or keep private.
* Keep track of your meals & pictures with all the nutritional data.
*Add your ingredients, pictures, nutritional data together with validation tools.

Your ingredients, recipes & nutritional data on-the-go

Some Shared Ingredients & Recipes On The Platform

At TCF, we’re advocating for healthier food options and better nutrition out of home, in the workplace and in our canteens.

Try our business plan to enjoy more features.

Some of the Feedback

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